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MoveUkraine is a program of Ukrainian Education Platform (UEP), a Ukraine-based NGO with over 20 years experience in social transformation. Since February 2022, UEP has focused its efforts on providing emergency shelter and psychological, social and emotional support for internally displaced persons (IDPs), mostly women and children.


Having left homes that may be unsafe for a long time or otherwise impossible for them to return to, many of Ukraine's IDPs will be starting new lives in the cities and towns of Western Ukraine, where they require shelter, medical care, and the means to build community-sustaining commerce and infrastructure in their new homes.


Provide direct funding to existing and new homebuilding, social enterprise, health and social service, and farming and food projects.

Ivano-Frankivsk_2022_eng_for Yansh Metch
MoveUkraineUS is committed to passing 95% of all funds
raised directly and quickly to
specific projects.

​Our Ukraine-based team:

Directs funding to partner projects

  • Conducts needs assessments in collaboration with a       network of organizations and community leaders

  • Makes initial and follow-up grants

  • Gathers data and evaluates progress

  • Creates and manages  social investment funds

Provides technical assistance 

  • Models and templates

  • Community engagement

  • Coaching

  • Governance


Convenes communities of practice

  • In-person and online networks

  • Sharing of best practices and new learning

  • Ongoing cycle of inquiry (continuous improvement)

Advocates and Communicates

  • National, regional, local political advocacy and lobbying

  • Marketing and messaging

  • Collaborative Communication tools (i.e. Slack)

Provides and administers shared services 

  • Accounting and financial management

  • Purchasing

  • Logistics, transportation, travel arrangements

  • Consulting 

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