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Sponsor a project.

My community, business, non-profit or church can raise $50,000+ or more quickly. 

We'll help you choose a project, set a goal, provide media, and keep you updated on progress.

Donate materials or services.

My community, business, or non-profit is a potential donor of:

  • Truckload/container scale donations of building materials (raw materials, heat pumps, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, furnishings, tiny houses kits.

  • Logistics/supply chain services that can help us get container level donations to Poland quickly, where our logistics partners in Poland and Ukraine can quickly get materials to our projects.

People-to-Project Social Media 

Adopt a project and get your network to support it. 
  • Each of our projects will have a clear purpose, funding goal, budget and Project- specific Donate button that guarantees at least 97% of funding goes to the project. 

  • We'll provide a steady stream of compelling media that enables you to see the communities and people your campaign helps. 

Thanks for submitting!

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